The expectations of a village pub seem to be increasing, so we thought we'd manage yours by declaring our ethics and objectives of our owning and running of our lovely* pub!

We, Nick and Di, have owned The Angel since 2004 and both being local and locals, we have enjoyed many a great night in The Angel during the reign of our predecessor, Pam.

As sociable, fun-loving people, we wanted to retain the atmosphere that we always enjoyed here and therefore always set out to continue to run this pub as a pub. So that's what we are, just a humble, village pub with traditional, old-school ethics. Coming in for a beer, having a laugh, a chat or pub debate  is our emphasis and main objective.

We are not a restaurant-style pub and do not want to be. We do not have a restaurant area or separate dining room, our kitchen is tiny, our workforce is lean and our food is humble, for this reason, we cannot accept large dining parties here and advise that a maximum of six people can be comfortably served at any one time.

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Food orders are taken at the bar -  we do not keep ‘tabs’ open so payment is taken with orders (card transactions must be over £10).

Because we're so small, at busy times, waiting times might be lengthy but we will advise of this at the time of you ordering. We work hard at getting food out as quickly as physically possible so don't take waiting times personally - hostility towards us doesn't make things cook any quicker!

If you're looking for a restaurant-style pub then there are plenty within a three-mile radius from us who will certainly have the infrastructure to cater for large groups and can offer you the peace of mind of a table reservation.  We know our limits and are happy to fly the flag for being a drinkers' pub first! 

Thank you for your kind understanding and your help in keeping this humble pub just that! 


Nick and Di. 

(*In our opinion)