As we work through the Covid compliancy rulings, it means that customers need to remain seated, it is therefore imperative that you only bring children to the pub if you are confident that they will remain seated with you during your visit.

The safety of our staff and customers is our utmost priority and you will be asked to leave if you are unable to adhere to the rulings set out for us to abide by from our local licencing authority.


Hey, remember when your parents took you into a pub as a child and you felt lucky to get a glass of coke and a bag of crisps in return for sitting nicely and only using your "inside voice?" - what happened eh?!

We are not of the "run and be free Tree-Bark, run and be free Dahlia-Blossom" mentality here. Pubs, by their very nature, are adult environments and as champions of the old-school pub our stance is very much that children in pubs remains a privilege, not a right.

If you do bring children into our pub we politely ask that you consider the enjoyment of our other customers by encouraging the "inside voice" and keeping them supervised at all times - this includes the garden area. Kids (or adults for that matter!) running amok, climbing on tables and playing Hide & Seek in the loos (yep, it happens, baffling!) will not be tolerated.

Please also be aware that there may be times when they hear things you rather they did not (particularly applies when bar chat turns to Brexit, Lunar Landings, when Sweet Caroline is sang on the Karaoke plus a myriad of other scenarios!).

Under 16s are not permitted to sit at the bar (actually, nor are adults during the pandemonia), nor able to play on the pool table or play darts board, - apologies if this doesn't suit, but we've needed to make these conditions because of previous bad (and costly!) experiences.


Please note that we do not house high-chairs or have baby-changing facilities - our apologies for any inconvenience

Thank you for your kind respect in this regard.

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We received a negative review from somebody who saw this sign in our pub and found it "very offensive" and it made them "paranoid" throughout their visit - do not be that person... if this sign offends, it's a sign that we're perhaps not for you !