Reopening on Wednesday 19 May at 5pm...

Thank you for your patience - but look forward to opening the doors again on Wednesday 19 May at 5pm. We will be a drinks-only service for the first week as we re-find our feet, so please bear with us! There's till lots of rules to abide by so we recommend firstly that you download the NHS Covid-19 App so that checking in is as quick and as seamless as possible. We do have to collect the contact details for EVERYBODY over the age of 16, so this will be manual process if you do not have the App.

The rulings are tables of six max, masks must be worn at al times unless when you're seated, give way to all oncoming customers to avoid unnecessary close contact, children are discouraged (see our separate child policy), no seating at the bar and all service must be at your table - this may means things are slower than you'd hope, so an element of patience is required please! there may be times when you are needed to pop back into the bar to make payment, but we have a screen up for mutual protection if this is required. Bring layers for all weathers! Enjoy and work with us to normality!!!


Waiting a few more weeks ....

Hi guys – some of you will be keen to get back to the pub for that slice of (ab)normality and we honestly cannot wait to be back in the driving seat offering our unique village pub atmosphere and welcome.

Although the “road map” allows us, on 12 April, to be an external venue, we, having fought very hard head vs heart, are choosing to hold fire until the (planned) May date which sees the use of our interior space also being allowed.

As a small business, the April date is too risky for us to potentially lose out financially once again. Restocking the pub is expensive and to face further losses due to the Great British weather alongside the obvious reluctance to then want to be sitting outside (umbrella or not), has made our heads want to wait those few extra weeks longer. We will of course keep you posted with our May reopening date.

In the meantime, we are still “entertaining” twice weekly with our online quizzes via Facebook live – Fridays for Music Quiz (celebrity guest presenters!) and Sundays for general Pub Quiz – if you’ve never been in the Angel before, joining our quizzes are a great way to see what you’re missing out on in a live environment! #LaughThroughLife !

Di still virtually catches up with The Lazy Oyster Jazz Band very Monday night, so rest assured they will be one of the first live offerings in the garden on our agenda.

Lots of love everyone – this has been a long, cold stint and we look forward to offering some warmth, metaphorically and physically, soon.

Yours, Di and Nick



What a bonkers and surreal world we find ourselves eh? The path of laws and guidelines we now find ourselves walking along has ripped the very heart out our lovely pub and while we get to grips with the continual changing adaptations we ask for your patience and manners during these difficult times. We will try and retain what we can of our fun and jovial environment while continually reminding you of the the bloody rules that visiting a pub now endures! Have a read of this please and we will see you soon!

  • Firstly, if you or any of your party are showing any signs of illness, please do not enter, please go home and self-isolate

  • Everybody aged 16+ needs to check-in as part of the Track & Trace formality - scan the QR code or manually, but this must be done please

  • Unless while seated at your table, please wear your mask at all other times during your visit

  • Keep your distance from people not in your party or “social bubble” (recommended 2 metres where possible)

  •  Using the outside area is recommended, but if seated inside please keep to the social distancing advice

  • Once seated, please do not switch to another table and please do not move any furniture

  • Our pub is small - apologies if you arrive and we do not have space immediately for you to join us

  • We are trying to operate a one in one out policy for the toilets - please use common sense and wait, suitably distanced if there are already people using the facilities

  • Our pub is an adult environment, families with small children are discouraged unless parents are confident that they will remain seated with them at ALL times and must be supervised when using the toilet - click here for our general stance regarding visits with children!

  • Dogs are welcome, but please keep on a lead

  • Wash or sanitise your hands at all opportunities to do so

  • Most importantly always keep your common sense and respect for others intact —we’re trying our utmost to operate a safe, friendly and welcoming environment which in turn will help us survive these trying times - you will be asked to leave should we feel that you or any member of your party may be jeopardising that at any time

Note: We operate a zero tolerance policy towards bellends!